Historical Apartments

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The Museum of the Royal Palace of Caserta is the result of a series of productions starting in the early decades of the twentieth century, exactly in 1919, when the Royal Palace is retired from the assets of Crown Royal House of Savoy and became part of the patrimony of the State Italy. It’s from this moment that begins the story of the Historical Apartments, which can be visited today because the Palace ceases to be "King's House" and became a historical museum.   

The museum occupies only half of so-called “Piano Nobile”. The whole floor, intended for the accommodation of the royal family, was divided into four parts by Vanvitelli, hence the term "quarter", used to indicate such spaces, further defined according to the intended use. In the south-west of the Palace was planned the Apartment or "quarter" of the King, in the current tour route designated as the XIX century Apartment.
The"quarter" of the Crown Prince, in the south east of the Palace - in the guide tour referred to as XVIII century Apartment - was really the only one to be inhabited by the royal Bourbon for more than half a century, not being completed the construction of the western side of the main floor as a result of the historical events of the years between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.


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