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The Royal Palace of Caserta has a rectangular plan articulated on factory buildings, facing onto four large inner courtyards and covers an area of ​​about 47,000 square meters for a height of 5 floors equal to 36 meters. A great portico (optical telescope) is the ideal connection with the park and the waterfall, located at the peak of the scenographic perspective escape thus created.



Quadreria (picture gallery) winds through the «picture gallery, new paintings from deposits», staged on the ground floorof the second courtyard.


Elliptical vault provides the opportunity to visit, upon reservation, the elliptical vault that covers the Great Staircase of honour and the corresponding spaces of attics. The visitors can access it directly from the upper vestibule, through the stairway located to the right of the Historical Apartment entrance.


Decorative Arts is staged in the second floor of the building, you will have access to it by reservation after visiting Elliptical Vault or directly from the Upper Vestibule.

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